Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Interpretation Key

Key 20. The Interpretation key. A moving blinking light in the night sky…

  1. It was only 6:00pm and it was dark. We were playing outside. I heard a vrmmm, I did not know what it was. It was coming from the sky, looking up I saw a flashing red light I didn't know what it was so I told my friends they didn't know what it was either. Soon the light was nearly out of sight we chased it down the road. Our parents followed us they told us what it was, Apparently it was a rescue helicopter. They told us to go inside so we did, when we went to bed we heard another vrmmm so we woke up and chased it down the road.

My Alphabet About Space

Asteroid -

Black- is a colour
Circumpolar star -
Direct motion- is when it moves to another direction
Earth - is a planet that I live on
Full moon - is when the whole moon is in the sky
Galaxy - is a huge group of stars
Half moon - is only when there is half of a moon in the sky
Impact crater - it is between an asteroid and a meteorite and a planet or the moon
Jets - is when something flies in the sky
Knots - is when something is stuck like wrapped round something it is really hard to undo
Leap year - its when you have an extra day in the year
Mercury - is a planet
Neptune - is a planet
Object - is when something floats in the sky
Planet - is an object that floats in the sky
Quarter moon - is when there is only a quarter of the moon in the sky
Rotate - is when something turns around in different directions
Saturn - is a planet
Temperature - is when something is hot or cold
Uranus -  it is a planet
Venus- it is a planet
White dwarf - It is a  really hot star
X Ray binary star -  is a special star
Yellow dwarf - the sun is a yellow dwarf
Zoom - go further into space .
I added a few extra sentences just in case I got asked what it mean't and I didn't know and also I wanted it to be more interesting to read and some others might not know what it means and they can find out what it means by reading the sentences of what it is.