Monday, August 21, 2017

My Cinquain Poem - Parker

Below is my Cross Country Cinquain poem that Mrs G taught us. Mya, Seaoga, Jack, Miss Lamb and I wrote this one together.


Puffed, Nervous
Jogging, Running, Sprinting
I was happy

Cross Country

By Parker

My Cinquain Poem - Ella

Below is my Cross Country Cinquain poem that Mrs G taught us.


Excited, Worried
Starting, Jogging, Finishing
I paced myself

Cross Country

By Ella

My Cinquain Poem - Madelyn

Below is my Cross Country Cinquain poem that Mrs G taught us.


Nervous, Frightened
Worried, Jog, Finish
I found it boring

Cross Country

By Madelyn

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tipene's Dinosaur.

This is my dinosaur I made him out of my story.

Water Pot Plant - Bailey

Key 15
For writing activity I had to draw a water pot plant in space it was hard to draw.
`How to draw a water pot plant in space

baileys photos.jpg

My Popsicle Monster - Zoe

For my writing activity I had to create a Popsicle space monster out of just 30 Popsicle sticks.

20170705_095226 (1).jpg

Space Alphabet - Liam

Below is my ABC of space. This was a writing activity.


Big stars
Dwarf planet
Large planet
Quite far
Red giant
The stars
White dwarf
Yellow sun

My Unfolding Story - Kane

Below is my unfolding story I did for my creative holiday writing. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

My Acrostic Poem

Acrostic poem


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Akmal - What If The Sun Disappears?

What if the sun disappears?

The sun is the main thing that gives us heat and electricity at the same time, but what would happen if the sun suddenly disappears? As you may think, the place will be very cold but we do not literally freeze instantly. In a week the surface will drop below 0°, in a year the surface will be -100° and the whole ocean will be layered with ice, the whole water aren’t fully frozen, but it will be extremely cold. What would happen to the Earth in a million years, well I think that the Earth might even turn into a Ice Giant and so does all of the other planets. The sun is what makes the Earth orbit 360° in 365 days, so if the Sun fades, then the earth will be flung to nowhere.




27 June 2017


Sunlight comes from the sun.
Sunlight helps us see in some ways.
The sun is a source that helps plants grow.
Sunlight is beam of light from the sun.
Sunlight is a portion of the electromagnetic.
The sun is made of plasma.
Sunlight and water make rainbow.
Sunlight makes sunlight soap.
The sunlight can get really hot.
Sunlight has a name called daylight savings.

Tipene's Monster

Make a space monster out of 30 Popsicle sticks.


Warrick Popsicle Monster

On the 5th of July I did the Construction key, It was for writing, what you have to do is to make a space monster made of 30 Popsicle sticks or less. 30 is the maximum. In the image  you  can see my big Popsicle space monster, with one eye, 6 tenticles, two legs,the horns on its head and 4 large teeth to eat with.

What If The Sun Disappeared

Down below is something that we all had to do for writing. You have to write a story about what if the sun disappeared.

What If The Sun Disappeared.

If the sun disappeared then earth would have no light and earth will be so dark that people won't be able to see and people would have to have jackets, pants and blankets and people wouldn't know where to go and you would have to make a fire to see where you are going.
And people would have to have lots of firewood, matches and lots of light bulbs for your house.

By Troy

The Alphabet About Space - Troy

Down below is something that we had to do for writing and we used the Alphabet but it had to be about space.

The Alphabet About Space
Big planets
Height in space
In space
Kuiper Belt
Red giant
Wipe out
Yellow sun
Zoom in a spaceship

Akmal - The Different Uses Key.

The Different Uses Key.

This science topic is about the different uses about the sun and at the same time it provides the useful features that makes us live.
From Akmal.

  1. Sunlight is used for electricity.
  2. Dry your wet clothes.
  3. Grow plants from the garden.
  4. It can heat up your water.
  5. Make electricity for your house using Solar Panels.
  6. Make electricity for your car using Solar Panels.
  7. Gives us heat.
  8. Sunbath.
  9. Gives us life.
  10. It makes Earth a Goldilocks Planet.

Tipene's Ten Outer Space Objects You Cannot See In The Night Sky

Thinkers Key
List 10 outer space objects that we cannot see in the night sky
-Milky way
-Other moons
-Dwarf planets

Zoe's Reading Activity

This is my reading activity and I had a sheet of questions that I had to answer.
My book was called Underground Soldiers.

1. What was painted on the rock walls?
KIA Ora NZ with furn leaves going down on each side.
2. Who mainly built the tunnels?
Army soldiers.
3. How many men left nz in 1915?
More than 4000 men.
4. Where was no man's land?
In the middle.
5. Explain what tunnel warfare was?
The war was underground.
6. What was so dangerous about counter mining?
That it might fall on you.
7. What happened at 5.30 am on easter morning?
An explosion ripped through the air and it was freezing and there was sleet so they had to get out of the exit tunnels.
8. How did the tasks of the tunneling company change after the battle of arras?
The men worked manly above the ground and helped to hold territory captured by the allies.

Thanks for reading.

Akmal - The Prediction Key

The Prediction Key.

How will rocketships be powered in 50 years?

I think rocketships will be powered through electricity in 50 years, since electricity is more commonly used than petrol. For example, cars used to be powered through engine oil AKA patrol, but now cars are improving through electricity to keep the environment safer.

By Akmal.

Acrostic Poem

Acrostic poem













Popsicle Stick Space Mosnter

Thinkers Key 17: The Construction

This a Popsicle stick space monster with 30 Popsicle sticks. You're not allowed to use glue or sticky tape only Popsicle sticks and you can break the Popsicle sticks too.


Milky Way Facts and Questions

Above is the link for my presentation of the Milky Way that I did for my science inquiry. 

My Popsicle Stick Space Monster

Thinkers Key 17: The Construction

This is my Popsicle stick space monster you were not allowed to use anything just the Popsicle sticks and you only had 30 Popsicle sticks to make the tallest monster.

20170705_095011 (1).jpg

Warrick's Hockey Evaluation

On Thursday the 29th of June some of the year 5, 6, 7 and 8's went to the hockey tournament. Personally I enjoyed the hockey tournament because I wasn't hurt that bad despite being hit in the toe, and almost in the neck. I didn't need shin guard's at all I also didn't need spare cloths because I didn't get to wet or dirty in the hockey tournament. Below is a picture of the team that participated.

Hockey Tournament

Yesterday (Thursday 29 June) 9 people went to the hockey tournament. we needed shin pads, mouth guards and hockey sticks. The year 6, 7 and 8 went to the hockey tournament.  We had  fun there we took photos and took water and food to keep us going. We lost a few games but we still had fun.

My monster - Kane


For my writing activity this week I made a monster out of 30 Popsicle sticks. It was hard

Mya - Cheetahs

This is my inquiry about cheetahs.

By Mya.

Parker and Madelyn's Science Work

Down below is what Madelyn and I did for science
By Parker

My Inquiry - By Madelyn

This is our inquiry I did with Parker and Mya about Cheetahs

By Madelyn.

Top 10 Fastest Animals - Inquiry

Below is the link is for the inquiry that I did with Sam.

Top 10 Fastest Animals

By Ella

Jacks plants

This is is the plants that Jack colored in. I think I did very good. the plants I did were, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Earth and Mercury. By Jack

New Zealand At War By Tipene

This is my reading activity

A- Did I Understand
  1. How many people lived in NZ when we were a young country? There was 8454 people.
  2. How many horses left with NZEF? There was around 3000 horses.
  3. Who were eventually sent to the western front? The first solders from Niue and the Cook Islands were sent to the western front.
  4. How many NZ soldiers were wounded in the capture of the village of Massines? There was about 2721.
  5. When was the NZ national war memorial opened? 1982 25 of April.
  6. List all the countries where NZ soldiers served during the first world war. EGYPT , JORDEN, FRANCE, GREAT BRITAIN, NEW ZEALAND, SAMOA, MALTA, GALLIPOLI, BELGIUM, PALESTINE

B- But This Is Reading Not Maths
  1. How many years did WW1 last?  4 years.
  2. How many months are listed in the 1915 time line. 48.

D-True Or False.
  1. 855 men died in 12/10/2017. false.
  2. 20% of NZs population went to war. false.  

My Holiday

Below is what I did in the holidays but you had to do your writing in a interesting way. I did my writing in google drawing

My Holiday

In the holidays I went to Gore to see my cousins we were gonna go to the pools but you had to have adults in the pool to looking after you. so we couldn't go. I played Need For Speed and I didn’t even get a turn and I was bored. Then I just left to go home Mum, Reece and I got KFC.

Friday, August 4, 2017

My Planets From Seaoga

My Planets from Seaoga.                                                                                                                           
These are the planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.