Friday, February 24, 2017

Bald Eagle Post

When I saw the eagle leave the perch then the eagle and soar through the sky and caught the salmon I was filled with excitement, I thought it was very majestic.The salmon probably
Died instantly because the talons went into its head piercing it’s head completely.
I can imagine the salmon was very frightened from the experience when it first happened.
The Bald Eagle must have been very hungry grabbing four salmon one after the other.
I am pretty sure the fish were scared of the eagle. Because their friends were eaten by the eagle must have good vision ifit can see the fish in the water, or it has good timing either way it is very impressive that the eagle caught a fish every time when he wanted to catch one for food.Like breakfeast, lunch, diner. After the bald eagle caught the fish then he brang it back to the perch . Personally I wouldn't want to mess with a bald eagle Because It’s talens are super sharp.The Bald Eagle is America's National animal a Bald Eagles wingspan is 72 to 85 inches wide, the bald eagle’s heart pumps 120 times per minute, also the top of the bald eagle's beak is used for tearing flesh off its prey the things that connect to the talons have a very rough texture to them. Bald eagles eat deer bodies and fish. Bald eagles are the top of the food chain in the area’s that they inhabit. They eat big prey more often than small probably because it's more of a meal to eat for the bald eagle. The talons are used for hunting and defense Against Prey if they fight back against the eagle.

The Eagle

The eagle has sharp claws. The eagle sleeps in the trees. The eagle races over the world. The eagle glides over the water to get its prey. The eagle lives in America. They have big wings.  Why is the bald eagle call the bald eagle.  It is  amazing how many feathers they have.


When the bald eagle got his salmon I thought it was amazing how majestic the eagle was. The eagle has amazing long wings. I think bald eagles are amazing. I think that their claws are amazingly sharp. I saw how rapidly fast eagles can fly. I was terrified when I heard that we had to write about bald eagles but now I'm glad. Eagles are so mystifying and talented. I think they are so talented with their talons. I now know that they crave and are obsessed with salmon. They are incredible creatures. I wonder what it's like to be an eagle. I am absolutely glad I'm not a salmon.

Bald Eagle

What is the Bald  Headed Eagle big tail for. Why is there a patent on the bald headed body.  How does the Bald Headed Eagle have sharp claws for.  Why does the bald headed eagle have salmon for lunch. I liked it when the eagle launched in the water and got the fish without looking at  the water. I liked watching the video and i new that I was not a good remember. I new that A female is bigger than A  male. I think that there is more than one type of Bald Headed Eagle. I like the video of the bald Headed eagle has big Talons to catch a lot of pray In the prey is salmon and other fish. The bald headed eagle comes from  North America. Bald headed eagle has more than one Enemy is it has been hunted.there heart rate is between 100-120 beats per minute. I think they have got a big voice. The beak has kind of a hook tip so it can kill their prey with their hooked beak. There it a size and the female is 35-37

And the male is 30-34 that is a big difference. Both male and female have brown black white yellow that is the colour. Talons are the feet just another word but they are sharp and big.

Friday, February 3, 2017

today I went on national geographic kids i watched dolphins it was cool


today I went on national geographic kids i loved the dolphins it was cool


I love blogging it is so cool i love the t.v show john lewis 2016

Thursday, February 2, 2017

national geographic kid it was ten facts about sharks
this is the best blog ever because you can  do stuf
I like this blog


Today I went on the national geographic kids I learnt about great white sharks did u know that sharks had 30,000 teeth.

Warricks Shark Post

Yesterday I watched a great white shark video
and I liked it

because I learnt more about sharks

P.S I love Blogs
bubbles was cool and
I like this blog
i like read theory and blogger

COZMO! By Akmal

In the holidays I bought a robot called Cozmo, it was from US. It probably cost more than 320$.
It took 3 weeks to deliver.
I am on the literacy shey
This is a cool website
I like this website