Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Technology Challenge

Technology Challenge
On Wednesday we did an Technology Challenge we were in 6 groups of 4. We had to make a pet house big enough to fit a toy dog in. These are the materials we got to use a glue stick, cello tape, scissors and newspaper. To do this we had Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Our Pet house had to be stable, look good, a door, shelter and big enough to fit the dog in.
In my group I had Akmal, Cooper and Mya. Our first idea was a triangle with a cube around it, But Akmal threw that out and then we decided to build a cube, But Miss Lamb said that we could fold the newspaper sticks in half so we did. On Friday morning we had to build the walls. We all enjoyed building it and we all hope that we get to do something like it again.

2017 Technology Dog House

On Wednesday on the 21st of June Warrick, Maddox, Madelyn and Kane created a dog house with newspaper by roiling it up, after we put the walls up. then we put the roof, it was sheets of newspaper taped to the top of the structure, then we decorated it with various colors of card to make it look nice. then I asked Maddox to put a flag on the side. Which he agreed to doing then we added some paper on the back to keep it warm inside for the dog to sleep in. we also wrapped a ball in newspaper for a toy for the dog to play with while inside. Afterwards we named the dog James and added bones on the colored card to make it interesting, then we added a forty hour famine poster on the roof.

A Poem About My Pet

This is a poem about my pet

23 June 2017
A Poem About my Pet.
My cat loves meat on a plate, raw stew in a pot and flies and flies.
My cat hates 3 dogs barking, water in the pond and the vets the vets.
My cat is scared of 1 dog in front of it, cucumbers on the floor and its reflection.

My cat isn't scared of bubbles in a bath, hotel heights of the roof and adventure.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Eevee exercises every day .

Eevee makes me smile .

Vegetables are not Eevees  type.

Eevee is a tabby kitten.

Ellas favourite pet is Eevee.

By Ella

Acrostic Poem About My Wonderful Chicken!!

Acrostic Poems- Write a poem about your pet and illustrate it.


The Rules Of Owning A Pet!!

What Rules do you think there should be for people who want to keep a pet?

Rules of having a pet you need to feed it so it doesn’t starve and die you have to keep it warm and safe so it doesn’t feel harmed and not safe. Give it good shelter  if there's lots of predators around your house and your pet lives outside maybe you can let it sleep inside at night and in the day time let it back outside until night but check on it when it’s outside every now and then. Give it drink of water so it isn’t dehydrated. Pick up after it because it’s better to have a nice house than a messy house. Give the animal a lot of space to run around and roam.

The Eagle

This is my bald eagle that I drew. The whole school had to draw one but you could not trace it. It was a task we were given about pets.


Pet Rules

What sort of rules do you think there should be for people who want to  keep pets?
1 dont let it go thirsty
2 never leave it alone
3 help the pet in danger
4 dont let the pet stay places unattended
5 don't leave waste on the floor

Chose An Animal

Down below is a picture of a rabbit. We had to chose a animal, but we couldn't chose a animal that we already have.
By Troy

20170621_103856 (1).jpg

Pet Poem

Daisy likes me.
Always climbing on the pens.
I like my chicken.
Swoops down for her food.
You would like her too.

By Madelyn

My Animal Poem

My pet is very cool
If you don't like it you're a fool

It flutters in the in the breeze
It flies around with ease

Can you guess what my pet is yet
A fun fact is that they aren't a threat

My pet is a beautiful butterfly

So if you wanna see it come by.


Bluebell is my cat, and I can't lie about that.
She is so fluffy, but she can be quite duffy.
My cat eats my tea, but she's special to me.
She is very caring, but if you mess with her she can start tearing.

And if you don't chase, you will still have your face.

Poem About My Dog

His nose is small and scrubby
His ears hang rather low
And he always brings a stick back
No matter how far you throw.
He get hugs rather often
For things he does good
Like bringing back the duck and sitting when I say
And being good with other dogs.
He always tries to go school with my friend and me
And makes a lot of noise when he is in the snow.

By Madox

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mnemonic Planet - Akmal

Justin Babybearber


Dear Regan And Tim Thank You Letter

Regan and Tim
Thank you for coming and teaching us about what it’s like to be a dog handler Thankyou letter.jpgsome of us to become a dog handler. I really learn’t a lot and I liked how yous answered all of the questions and you put a lot of detail in them which really gave us more information. Brock and Vann were so adorable yous must teach them a lot. When I grow up I want to be a dog handler because now I know more facts and information that I need to know to become a dog handler, I also love dogs we have to at home. Their vest because it proves that they are real police dogs. I really like how they don't take up all time and how much effort you'd put in with spending time with them. Thank you for coming to Stirling School,

From Kassidy

Madox's Dog Thank You Letter

police work.jpg

Planet Mnemonic


My Thank You Dog

Police Dog

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dear Regan And Tim Letter

Regan and Tim brought a police puppy and dog to visit us at school, below is my thank you letter.

thank you letter.jpgThank you for coming and showing as the dogs and telling as  what it's like to be a dog handler.
Van was so cute and Van is going to be a very good police dog when he is older. Brock was very fast and very big. I learnt that police dogs get trained everywhere and that they don’t stop getting trained. Thank you again for coming and bringing the dogs.

From Okalani

Police Dogs

myyy dog.jpg

Police Puppy

thank you.jpg

Warrick Tagxedo dog


Technology - Savoury Muffins

On Thursday when the year seven and eights were at technology the year one to sixes made savoury muffins in technology. We were split into three groups to make these. We got the option of Tomato, Red Onion, Spinach, Tasty Cheese or Ham to put in them. Miss Lamb and Mr Storer helped us with baking these. They were fun to bake and we hope we get to make something similar to them again in the near future.

Dear Tim and Regan

Below is my thank you letter to Tim and Regan.

Dear Tim and Regan
Thank you for visiting us and telling what your job is about and thank you for  teaching us about dog handlers. I have learned new stuff about them and I liked the puppy Van and I liked Brock too. Thank you for coming to our school I would like to be a dog handler soon.     
Facts I learnt
  1. I learned that German shepherds are mostly used as a police dog.
  2. The idea of using dogs as police dogs was thought of in England.

        From Troy

Friday, June 9, 2017

Police Dog by Troy

I used Tagxedo to create a tag cloud of my writing.

my dog.jpg

Sam's post

I watched a video named partly cloudy.  It was about a pelican and a cloud. First the pelicans goes with the stuff the clouds gave them and gives them to the creatures that need them and then
loneliness, happiness...

The Bald Eagle Story

The Bald Eagle zoomed across the river as it looked for its prey finally the eagle found its prey, Salmon. The Bald Eagle took the salmon carrying it with its  6 talons to its perch at a top of an old tree and dropped it into its mouth. Not long after it had its last meal the big bird flew off its perch and got some more salmon. Then, once again it glided off to its perch and sat on it perch. With one big gulp it swallowed the Salmon, but this time watched the birds soar in the blue sky. The next beautiful morning the sun was shining above the birds perch so the bald eagle set off on a soaring adventure into the nearby forest. The Bald Eagle flew across the tips of tall trees and beside the edges of small trees. Then the bird came to a lake there were fish jumping in and out of the water, after the bald eagle watched for a moment he flew with speed towards the water and caught some salmon and ate it, then the bird prepared for the way back to its perch. After its long flight back it dipped its feet in the lake near its perch and flew off onto its perch and had a big deep sleep. The next morning the bird flew off to find some food when the Bald eagle came back to its perch it was gone the big bird was shocked and then had a good idea, so the bird flew off into the distance to find another perch.

The bald eagle

When the bald eagle flew from the tree and flew to the salmon and it struck. There was lunch. After he had his salmon he went for more, the talons spread. He did it all over again.
It flew down to the water and looks down to see the fish.I t goes into get another one. He gets more and more. The bald eagle has a successful day of hunting.
The bald eagle has been doing this for years and years. The name of the bald eagle means white headed eagle.   

The Bald Eagle

The bald eagle has a big wingspan. When the bald eagle comes you can't see it coming. When the bald eagle gets their prey they put their wings in and out like a door and looks back up to his home. I would be terrified if I was the salmon. I think the bald eagle is like the size of my leg. The bald eagle comes from America I would not go to America because the bald eagle might steal your mobile phone if that was me I will be chasing the bald eagle and saying give my phone back.  I Like about the bald eagle is they fly faster than a regular bird.

Laughing Owl

Easy Blog Photo

The Bald Eagles - Akmal

The bald eagle was hunting it’s prey, seems it was a salmon. Yet I don’t know why eagles try hunt salmons and fishes. I never knew that was natural. I don’t think the eagles should be called Bald Eagles, they’re not even that bald! Plus, how can the eagle even see underwater? How silent can the eagle fly? If so, how approximate? My theory of the eagle’s range is estimated about at least 40 kilometers. And mostly, what does the eagle produce for nature’s life? From what I spectated from the video seems like the eagle has been hunting their foods, seems like they live to hunt, hunt to live. When I saw the video, gave me kind of a cringe, that was when the eagle spread its brutal claws and gripping it on the helpless salmon. I would be very shocked and impressed if the eagle can literally annihilate a great white shark. Eagles could be a very shocking destroyers! Imagine that! The killing spree seems quite exotic, not only exotic, but very stunning! All the efforts in the catch, imagine catching a salmon less than a minute! It won’t even be that burdensome! Plus, the swoosh on the water showed the effect on it. Very perspective from the view, and another fact; eagles, never sweat!!! The beak can pierce into any tough skin, equivalently about 5 human skin layers! The heartbeats from a eagle takes up to 100 to 120 in every per minute, I don’t even know how much my heartbeats are though. I think eagles are the only bird that can kill the most preys. Some eagles are bigger than cats! Usually cats eats bird, but I don’t think a cat can catch a eagle, WOW. All that typing made me exhausting. Let’s get back to explaining the video, I saw the eagle ease into action and finishes it like a boss! I want to see people hunt eagles! Remember the question I bestowed upon, saying that how did the eagles find the fishes? The eagles actually roam around mysteriously stalking fishes that drifts near the air, with their ranges, they know where they are! BOOM, QUESTION SOLVED!! Another thing, a bald eagle’s lift power weighs 4 pounds! The Bald Eagle was famous from North America! As, I was saying, the video showed how efficient some birds can be, how stealth, how productive, how talented, mostly how expertise. But how expertise are these eagles? With the stats they can be a special predator! That’s what I ponder about their features. Picture that though, they would be proper pros!

The Great Auk

Easy Blog Photo


The chimp scientific name is Pan.
The height of the chimpanzees is 1.2m fully grown.
They can live up to 40 to 60 year in the wild. They can reach 50 years old in captivity.
They get up to 45 kg to 80 kg in weight.

There has been 650 attacks in Asian zoos from people putting their hand in the chimpanzee's cage.

The Bald Eagle

The bald eagle wings looked like they were going forwards and back. I think they have a good talent at catching fish. I wish I could soar through the air like an eagle. The bald eagle has long wings. Bald eagles are from America. They like eating salmon and they catch it from the water.

Questions About The Bald Eagle

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Welcome to Stirling School

We welcome Jack, Kassidy, Izaiah, Tyler and Ella to Stirling School

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Baby

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Extinction Questions

Who was the first people to kill the Dodo Bird and what are their names ? 
The first person to kill the dodo bird was Dutch sailors and Dutch sailors ate the bird.

What does the Dodo Bird eat? 
Dodo birds eats nuts seeds roots and the Dodo bird might  have eaten crabs.

How did the Great Auk become extinct? 
People killed the great auk and then the people took the great auk’s eggs.

How big is the Laughing Owls?  The laughing owl was found in 1914 the laughing owl is twice as size of a Morepork.

Why did the Dodo became extinct? 
The Dutch sailors kill the Dodo bird then they ate them.

Where did the dodo bird die? 
The dodo bird was killed in Mauritius.

Questions for Writing - Extinction Sam

What had happened to the Great Auk?
The Great Auk became extinct because people started shooting it for its feathers.

Who named the Laughing Owl?
European settlers arrived in New Zealand and found the Laughing Owl because it's laugh sounded like a person laughing.

Why did people start shooting the Dodo?
People started to shoot the Dodo because it was good to eat.

When was the Laughing Owl found?
European Settlers found the Laughing Owl in 1845 in New Zealand.

Where was the Great Auk found?
The Great Auk was found on a cold sea near Canada.

By Samantha

Warrick Extinct Questions

Who were the people that discovered the Dodo bird?
The Dodo Bird was discovered by Portuguese sailors, who came on ships in 1598, within a century it became extinct.

Why did people hunt the Dodo Bird for food?
Because the Dodo bird walked up to the portuguese sailors they killed it, because they were hungry from sailing on ships for a long time.
How many Great Auk’s were there before they became extinct?
Before the the Great Auk was extinct, there were millions of them living in cold climates. `

What did the Laughing Owl sound like?
The Laughing Owl sounded like the a Human laughing loudly.

When did the Great Auk go extinct?
The Great Auk went extinct in 1844 because people used its feathers to put in pillows.

Where did the Laughing Owl live in NZ?
The Laughing Owl lived in Wellington in New Zealand before it became extinct.

By Warrick Botha


Who caused the Dodo bird to become extinct?
The Dodo bird became extinct because Dutch sailors ate the Dodo bird. This was because the Dodo bird was incredibly easy to catch. The Dodo bird became extinct in 1662.
Where was the Laughing Owl discovered?
The Laughing Owl was discovered in New Zealand in 1914. Oliver was one of the few people to have been able to closely observe and describe the Laughing Owl .
What time period did they find the Dodo bird?
The first sightings of the Dodo bird was in 1598 they were found by Dutch sailors. The Dutch sailors thought that the Dodo bird was incredibly easy to catch.

Dodo, Great Auk and Launghing Olw

Why did the Great Auk go extinct and when?
The last Great Auk was killed in 1844, they were killed by hunters and they took their eggs.

When did the first Laughing Owl become extinct?  
The Laughing Owl  became extinct in the early twentieth century. The last known bird was one found dead on a road at Blue Cliffs Station near Timaru in 1914.

What did the Dodo bird eat?
They ate nuts, seeds, fruits and also shellfish.

How long has the Dodo bird been extinct?
The dodo bird has been extinct for 300 years.



Why did humans kill the  Dodo?  
Early humans killed the Dodo for food. It was a silly bird, it keep walking up to hunters so it was easy to kill.

How did humans kill the Dodo?
Sailors killed the dodo with a spears long ago.

Where did the laughing owl live?
The laughing owl lived in NZ.

What does the laughing owl eat?
The Laughing owl ate lizards, insects and birds

Friday, February 24, 2017

Bald Eagle Post

When I saw the eagle leave the perch then the eagle and soar through the sky and caught the salmon I was filled with excitement, I thought it was very majestic.The salmon probably
Died instantly because the talons went into its head piercing it’s head completely.
I can imagine the salmon was very frightened from the experience when it first happened.
The Bald Eagle must have been very hungry grabbing four salmon one after the other.
I am pretty sure the fish were scared of the eagle. Because their friends were eaten by the eagle must have good vision ifit can see the fish in the water, or it has good timing either way it is very impressive that the eagle caught a fish every time when he wanted to catch one for food.Like breakfeast, lunch, diner. After the bald eagle caught the fish then he brang it back to the perch . Personally I wouldn't want to mess with a bald eagle Because It’s talens are super sharp.The Bald Eagle is America's National animal a Bald Eagles wingspan is 72 to 85 inches wide, the bald eagle’s heart pumps 120 times per minute, also the top of the bald eagle's beak is used for tearing flesh off its prey the things that connect to the talons have a very rough texture to them. Bald eagles eat deer bodies and fish. Bald eagles are the top of the food chain in the area’s that they inhabit. They eat big prey more often than small probably because it's more of a meal to eat for the bald eagle. The talons are used for hunting and defense Against Prey if they fight back against the eagle.

The Eagle

The eagle has sharp claws. The eagle sleeps in the trees. The eagle races over the world. The eagle glides over the water to get its prey. The eagle lives in America. They have big wings.  Why is the bald eagle call the bald eagle.  It is  amazing how many feathers they have.


When the bald eagle got his salmon I thought it was amazing how majestic the eagle was. The eagle has amazing long wings. I think bald eagles are amazing. I think that their claws are amazingly sharp. I saw how rapidly fast eagles can fly. I was terrified when I heard that we had to write about bald eagles but now I'm glad. Eagles are so mystifying and talented. I think they are so talented with their talons. I now know that they crave and are obsessed with salmon. They are incredible creatures. I wonder what it's like to be an eagle. I am absolutely glad I'm not a salmon.