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Extinction Questions

Who was the first people to kill the Dodo Bird and what are their names ? 
The first person to kill the dodo bird was Dutch sailors and Dutch sailors ate the bird.

What does the Dodo Bird eat? 
Dodo birds eats nuts seeds roots and the Dodo bird might  have eaten crabs.

How did the Great Auk become extinct? 
People killed the great auk and then the people took the great auk’s eggs.

How big is the Laughing Owls?  The laughing owl was found in 1914 the laughing owl is twice as size of a Morepork.

Why did the Dodo became extinct? 
The Dutch sailors kill the Dodo bird then they ate them.

Where did the dodo bird die? 
The dodo bird was killed in Mauritius.

Questions for Writing - Extinction Sam

What had happened to the Great Auk?
The Great Auk became extinct because people started shooting it for its feathers.

Who named the Laughing Owl?
European settlers arrived in New Zealand and found the Laughing Owl because it's laugh sounded like a person laughing.

Why did people start shooting the Dodo?
People started to shoot the Dodo because it was good to eat.

When was the Laughing Owl found?
European Settlers found the Laughing Owl in 1845 in New Zealand.

Where was the Great Auk found?
The Great Auk was found on a cold sea near Canada.

By Samantha

Warrick Extinct Questions

Who were the people that discovered the Dodo bird?
The Dodo Bird was discovered by Portuguese sailors, who came on ships in 1598, within a century it became extinct.

Why did people hunt the Dodo Bird for food?
Because the Dodo bird walked up to the portuguese sailors they killed it, because they were hungry from sailing on ships for a long time.
How many Great Auk’s were there before they became extinct?
Before the the Great Auk was extinct, there were millions of them living in cold climates. `

What did the Laughing Owl sound like?
The Laughing Owl sounded like the a Human laughing loudly.

When did the Great Auk go extinct?
The Great Auk went extinct in 1844 because people used its feathers to put in pillows.

Where did the Laughing Owl live in NZ?
The Laughing Owl lived in Wellington in New Zealand before it became extinct.

By Warrick Botha


Who caused the Dodo bird to become extinct?
The Dodo bird became extinct because Dutch sailors ate the Dodo bird. This was because the Dodo bird was incredibly easy to catch. The Dodo bird became extinct in 1662.
Where was the Laughing Owl discovered?
The Laughing Owl was discovered in New Zealand in 1914. Oliver was one of the few people to have been able to closely observe and describe the Laughing Owl .
What time period did they find the Dodo bird?
The first sightings of the Dodo bird was in 1598 they were found by Dutch sailors. The Dutch sailors thought that the Dodo bird was incredibly easy to catch.

Dodo, Great Auk and Launghing Olw

Why did the Great Auk go extinct and when?
The last Great Auk was killed in 1844, they were killed by hunters and they took their eggs.

When did the first Laughing Owl become extinct?  
The Laughing Owl  became extinct in the early twentieth century. The last known bird was one found dead on a road at Blue Cliffs Station near Timaru in 1914.

What did the Dodo bird eat?
They ate nuts, seeds, fruits and also shellfish.

How long has the Dodo bird been extinct?
The dodo bird has been extinct for 300 years.



Why did humans kill the  Dodo?  
Early humans killed the Dodo for food. It was a silly bird, it keep walking up to hunters so it was easy to kill.

How did humans kill the Dodo?
Sailors killed the dodo with a spears long ago.

Where did the laughing owl live?
The laughing owl lived in NZ.

What does the laughing owl eat?
The Laughing owl ate lizards, insects and birds