Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Interpretation Key

Key 20. The Interpretation key. A moving blinking light in the night sky…

  1. It was only 6:00pm and it was dark. We were playing outside. I heard a vrmmm, I did not know what it was. It was coming from the sky, looking up I saw a flashing red light I didn't know what it was so I told my friends they didn't know what it was either. Soon the light was nearly out of sight we chased it down the road. Our parents followed us they told us what it was, Apparently it was a rescue helicopter. They told us to go inside so we did, when we went to bed we heard another vrmmm so we woke up and chased it down the road.

My Alphabet About Space

Asteroid -

Black- is a colour
Circumpolar star -
Direct motion- is when it moves to another direction
Earth - is a planet that I live on
Full moon - is when the whole moon is in the sky
Galaxy - is a huge group of stars
Half moon - is only when there is half of a moon in the sky
Impact crater - it is between an asteroid and a meteorite and a planet or the moon
Jets - is when something flies in the sky
Knots - is when something is stuck like wrapped round something it is really hard to undo
Leap year - its when you have an extra day in the year
Mercury - is a planet
Neptune - is a planet
Object - is when something floats in the sky
Planet - is an object that floats in the sky
Quarter moon - is when there is only a quarter of the moon in the sky
Rotate - is when something turns around in different directions
Saturn - is a planet
Temperature - is when something is hot or cold
Uranus -  it is a planet
Venus- it is a planet
White dwarf - It is a  really hot star
X Ray binary star -  is a special star
Yellow dwarf - the sun is a yellow dwarf
Zoom - go further into space .
I added a few extra sentences just in case I got asked what it mean't and I didn't know and also I wanted it to be more interesting to read and some others might not know what it means and they can find out what it means by reading the sentences of what it is.

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Interpretation Key

Key 20
Bright flashing light in the night sky

1. Aliens
I was in my bedroom on the farm when it happened. My mum came in to say goodnight and tucked me in. I couldn't sleep that night. There was a crack in my window, I got up and checked it out. Outside the window I saw a blue flashing light in the starry night sky. Then it disappeared. I think I saw a UFO. The morning after I went out to the top of the barn. I looked out at our corn fields. I saw random patterns. Now i'm certainly sure it was aliens.

2. Planes
We just moved to our new house with mum, dad and my big sister Sophie. Every night I hear something. It sounded like something falling. Like a whistling sound but not. The next night I went to my window to see what the sound was. I saw a flashing like and moved like a plane. At breakfast I asked mum what the sound was. My mum answered saying. That was your aunty flying a big plane.

3 Ship
I was on a ship. The weather tonight is disgraceful. I go to the deck. “THERE'S A STORM COMING” the captain shouted. Everyone rushes to the ropes except me. I see everyone tugging while the waves splash over them. I hear thunder. Then in the darkness i see a big flash of light. “THERE'S THE LIGHTHOUSE, GO TOWARDS IT!”

A Bunny Story

The bear at the zoo

Snowy Girls

Dog food

The Night Sky

Today Kassidy, Sam, Mrs Kenneally and I
went on You can get pretty cool text like mine. 


Today we searched up and we were with Mrs Kenneally. We did really well. It looks really cool. It was really easy. You click the first link and you type up a sentence and then you draw and  it looks awesome.


Today we used with Mrs Kenneally and we used a piece of writing and drew a image. I drew a house.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Technology Challenge

Technology Challenge
On Wednesday we did an Technology Challenge we were in 6 groups of 4. We had to make a pet house big enough to fit a toy dog in. These are the materials we got to use a glue stick, cello tape, scissors and newspaper. To do this we had Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Our Pet house had to be stable, look good, a door, shelter and big enough to fit the dog in.
In my group I had Akmal, Cooper and Mya. Our first idea was a triangle with a cube around it, But Akmal threw that out and then we decided to build a cube, But Miss Lamb said that we could fold the newspaper sticks in half so we did. On Friday morning we had to build the walls. We all enjoyed building it and we all hope that we get to do something like it again.

2017 Technology Dog House

On Wednesday on the 21st of June Warrick, Madox, Madelyn and Kane created a dog house with newspaper by rolling it up, after we put the walls up. Then we put on the roof, it was sheets of newspaper taped to the top of the structure, then we decorated it with various colors of card to make it look nice. I asked Madox to put a flag on the side, which he agreed to doing then we added some paper on the back to keep it warm inside for the dog to sleep in. We also wrapped a ball in newspaper for a toy for the dog to play with while inside. Afterwards we named the dog James and added bones on the colored card to make it interesting, then we added a forty hour famine poster on the roof.

A Poem About My Pet

This is a poem about my pet

23 June 2017
A Poem About my Pet.
My cat loves meat on a plate, raw stew in a pot and flies and flies.
My cat hates 3 dogs barking, water in the pond and the vets the vets.
My cat is scared of 1 dog in front of it, cucumbers on the floor and its reflection.

My cat isn't scared of bubbles in a bath, hotel heights of the roof and adventure.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Eevee exercises every day .

Eevee makes me smile .

Vegetables are not Eevees  type.

Eevee is a tabby kitten.

Ellas favourite pet is Eevee.

By Ella

Acrostic Poem About My Wonderful Chicken!!

Acrostic Poems- Write a poem about your pet and illustrate it.


The Rules Of Owning A Pet!!

What Rules do you think there should be for people who want to keep a pet?

Rules of having a pet you need to feed it so it doesn’t starve and die you have to keep it warm and safe so it doesn’t feel harmed and not safe. Give it good shelter  if there's lots of predators around your house and your pet lives outside maybe you can let it sleep inside at night and in the day time let it back outside until night but check on it when it’s outside every now and then. Give it drink of water so it isn’t dehydrated. Pick up after it because it’s better to have a nice house than a messy house. Give the animal a lot of space to run around and roam.

The Eagle

This is my bald eagle that I drew. The whole school had to draw one but you could not trace it. It was a task we were given about pets.


Pet Rules

What sort of rules do you think there should be for people who want to  keep pets?
1 dont let it go thirsty
2 never leave it alone
3 help the pet in danger
4 dont let the pet stay places unattended
5 don't leave waste on the floor

Chose An Animal

Down below is a picture of a rabbit. We had to chose a animal, but we couldn't chose a animal that we already have.
By Troy

20170621_103856 (1).jpg

Pet Poem

Daisy likes me.
Always climbing on the pens.
I like my chicken.
Swoops down for her food.
You would like her too.

By Madelyn