Thursday, May 24, 2018

Time Line - My Reading Activity


This timeline is about Elsie Locke

1930 Became the first female student from Waiuku District High School to go to university.
1933 Moved to Wellington
1935 Married Fred Freeman but left him.
1937 Their son Don was born.
1940 Elsie went to hospital for two years with spinal tuberculosis.
1941 Married Jack Locke
1950 She campaign for nuclear disarmament.
1959 published  The secret rescue.
1960  She fought against a power scheme to raise lake manapouri.
1965 published the runaway settlers that won the Much Loved award.
1970 She opposed the feeling of the native on the West Coast.
1973 She saved a township from a big hotel.
2001 published A present from pudding.

We had to construct a timeline on a story of a girl that had a little job but a big diffrence.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

An Asthma Plan

An Asthma Plan

1. Every morning you need to take your preventer inhaler.
2. Try not to panic when you sound wheezy.
3. Your chest might feel tight but don’t panic.

4. If someone is having a asthma attack you need to make sure
they are sitting upright so they can tell you were there reliever
inhaler is.

Warrick - Extravaganza


Dong goes the hockey sticksBy WarrickCrack went the concrete zoom! Up the stairs err! goes the squeaky floorSwoosh goes the windSplash goes tug of warSplosh goes the water slideWhoosh! Goes the vortexClonk goes the eggSplat goes the grassThump goes the trivia Tyrebang goes the tennis balls.

By Warrick

Freetime ART

This is my free time art its a wolf and a unicorn.

My Mother And Stan

My Mother And Stan

One early morning my mother had a problem with her computer, it broke down and she needed help. So she rang the man who drives vans and fixes computers. So the man that drives vans came but not in a van on a motorbike. He had a tattoo of a rugby ball on his arm he had rubber black boots and his ears pierced. So he went inside my house and tried to fix my computer and he fixed it. Now me and my computer are forever bestest friends. By Bailey

A Small Footprint A Big Impression

This timeline is about Elsie Locke

1912 Elsie was born.
1930 Elsey became the first student from Waiuku District High School to go to
University in Auckland.
1933 Elsey moved to Wellington.
1935 Elsey married Fred Freeman but left him two years later, before their son
Don was born.
1940s Family life was disrupted when Elsey spent two years in Hospital with
Spinal Tuberculosis.
1941 Things looked up to Elsey when she married Jack Locke.
1950 She helped found the New Zealand campaign for nuclear disarmament.
1959 Her writing career took off after the School Journal published a piece of her
1960 She fought against a power scheme to rase Lake Manapouri.
1965 The Runaway Settlers was published.
1970 She opposed the felling of native forests on the West Coast.
1973 She won that battle in the high court.    
1999 The Runaway Settlers won the Gaelyn Gordon award for the most loved
2001 A Present For Pudding was published over fourty years later.

Eye Sketch

This is my drawing/sketch of an eye. I made this through a tutorial and tried really hard to make it look like it was printed. The sketch/drawing was inspired by Madox and from an internet tutorial.

Tiakini a Tangaroa Protect Our Sea

Tiakini a Tangaroa Protect Our Sea
Under the sea it looks like a wonderful peaceful quiet place and there is a lot of fish but when the sharks
come it’s a whole different story

Safety rules

  1. Wear a snorkel
  2. Wear a wet suit
  3. Make sure you can swim
  4. Have something to hold on so you can float
  5. Don’t litter in the sea or our sea animals will die

Tutitu Shampoo

Tutitu Shampoo
Pina and Pepe they going to make the shampoo the traditional way. They are not going to the shop to
buy the ingredients to make the shampoo they wait through the night for the wind to blow the nuts off
the tree and they going to pick the nuts in the morning. So they can make shampoo.  

(Four facts about tuitui shampoo nuts)

They are nice and oversized.

They are green and gray when they fall off the tree.

The nuts are really hard in the middle.

In the middle of the nuts there is a wax that you can make candles out of.

My Reading Activity

Saling Reflection

On Wednesday the 7th of February the year 6 to 8s kids went to Saling Have A Go. To get there
everyone went in cars. I went in Hadley's mums car with Tyler, Tipenie and Hadley.
Everyone drove through Pounawea.
When we arrived I put on my sunglasses. Then Simon our instructor called all of us to come over then
he proceeded to tell us about the parts of the boat and where they go next he told us to put the parts into
our yachts and get them ready.

After that we ate morning tea, then when everyone finished eating we got dressed and took of the wheels
on the yachts and put them in the water then everyone hopped into their sailboats. Then we were off.
At first I was rusty but after awhile I got better and Tyler was also good at steering the yacht .
For about 2 hours straight everyone sailed around. Later we sailed to the shore and everyone including
the teachers ate lunch.

Next we got in the water again to play so we sailed out into the water to a small sandy area with birds.
After that we played a ball game for about an hour first we organized teams I was in Madox’s team, we
had to pass to our teammates we had 5 seconds to pass to our team.
After that we did capsizing I swam out of the boat before Tyler capsized it.

Not too long after that we went to the shore and grot dressed after everyone one got dressed they filled
in some pamphlets and drove home.

And my conclusion is that I like sailing because it was a good learning experience.

Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fantastic
                                  Why I don’t want plastic
What was the problem? some people don’t know what to do with their rubbish so they leave it
When plastic was being used? It still is, people are arguing about the rubbish around
Where is the rubbish? It is all over the country.
Why was plastic bags created? they were made the so people didn’t have to carry each food
or toy bit by bit but it still would have been better if they started with wheathing.
Who was throwing the bag into nature? no one knows.


Swimming Poem - Kanisha

Swimming Poem

S Swim
W Water
I Interesting
M Move
M Mission
I In water
N Nervous
G Goggles

Tiakini A Tangaroa Protect Our Sea

Tiakini A Tangaroa Protect Our Sea

What I think about underwater
It would be fun to go in the sea and see all the fish.
It would be beautiful. I love the sea it looks good when the sun
is setting.
1. Don’t put rubbish in the sea
2. Make sure you are always safe
3. Don’t put any liquid in the sea  
4. Make sure you can swim

Friday, March 23, 2018

Bullying Videos

Bullying Video Paragraph

A while ago we created  bullying videos to stop serous bullying that gets out of hand.
Everyone got separated into groups and had to write a script of what they were creating for their video.
Our groups were mixed ages and genders. The reason why we made bullying videos is to stop bullying
and because Constable Gordon asked us a great question, she asked if we wanted to create our own
bullying video for her to use to teach other students. My groups title was Teacher or Friend and
Izaiah got bullied when he was playing four square. Constable Gordon taught us Kia Kaha so
everyone can stop bullying.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stirling School - Bullying Videos

To finish off our Kia Kaha learning Constable Gordon asked us to make anti-bullying videos.
Using the Ipads and Imovie we created the videos below.

The Big Bad Wolf - Reece, Seaoga, Hadley, Cloe, Cooper and Kanisha

Teacher or Friend? - Akmal, Sam, Warrick, Troy, Kassidy and Izaiah

Don't Bully, Stay in School  - Madox, Bailey, Kane, Ella, Madelyn, Jack

The Three Ts = Trouble - Zoe, Okalani, Tyler, Tyler, Parker and Tipene

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stirling School Christmas Play

Below is the link to our school Christmas Play we did with the help from the CEC team.

Stirling School 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cinquain Poem


Bark, Lick,
Chasing, Digging, Sleeping,
Some Dogs Are Playful.



Splash splash went the water on the slide
Then we went scoot scoot we went bang crash I fell on the floor
The wickets went bang on the ground and then beep went the car
It was time to go home

Sams Extravaganza Poem

Extravaganza Poem
Beep Beep off we ran to win some activities.
Swish off we ran to guess correct colours of the cones.
Thud Thud Thud we walked down to our second activity
Bang one drop ball, our second activity is touch
Beep Beep the horn went everyone separated into their schools
Munch Crunch went the food
Now it was time to go outside to get wet
Beep Beep the car horn went
Zooom they weaved through the poles
Scooped up the water and slide back down
Splash the water went in the bucket
Now it was my  turn I zoomed up through the poles
I filled up the cup
SPLASH the bucket of water got poured on top of me as I was sliding down
Then Click Miss Lamb took a photo of me as I zoomed down
The water was everywhere
Then Boom my team captain just poured another bucket of water on me
Beep Beep now it was time to go back to school I was devastated

Brrrrrrrrrm Brrrrrrrrm we drove into the distance