Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stirling School - Bullying Videos

To finish off our Kia Kaha learning Constable Gordon asked us to make anti-bullying videos.
Using the Ipads and Imovie we created the videos below.

The Big Bad Wolf - Reece, Seaoga, Hadley, Cloe, Cooper and Kanisha

Teacher or Friend? - Akmal, Sam, Warrick, Troy, Kassidy and Izaiah

Don't Bully, Stay in School  - Madox, Bailey, Kane, Ella, Madelyn, Jack

The Three Ts = Trouble - Zoe, Okalani, Tyler, Tyler, Parker and Tipene

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stirling School Christmas Play

Below is the link to our school Christmas Play we did with the help from the CEC team.

Stirling School 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cinquain Poem


Bark, Lick,
Chasing, Digging, Sleeping,
Some Dogs Are Playful.



Splash splash went the water on the slide
Then we went scoot scoot we went bang crash I fell on the floor
The wickets went bang on the ground and then beep went the car
It was time to go home

Sams Extravaganza Poem

Extravaganza Poem
Beep Beep off we ran to win some activities.
Swish off we ran to guess correct colours of the cones.
Thud Thud Thud we walked down to our second activity
Bang one drop ball, our second activity is touch
Beep Beep the horn went everyone separated into their schools
Munch Crunch went the food
Now it was time to go outside to get wet
Beep Beep the car horn went
Zooom they weaved through the poles
Scooped up the water and slide back down
Splash the water went in the bucket
Now it was my  turn I zoomed up through the poles
I filled up the cup
SPLASH the bucket of water got poured on top of me as I was sliding down
Then Click Miss Lamb took a photo of me as I zoomed down
The water was everywhere
Then Boom my team captain just poured another bucket of water on me
Beep Beep now it was time to go back to school I was devastated

Brrrrrrrrrm Brrrrrrrrm we drove into the distance

Baileys Poem About Extravaganza

Poem About Extravaganza

Splish Splash

Dash down the slide
Hurry up until we collide
Beep Beep went the car horn
Next activity I had no negativity just positivity
Zooom Zooom pulling the tyre racing across the grass

We came second but at least we didn't come last.

Zoe's Poem About Extravaganza

My poem about Extravaganza

Vroom Vroom we're in the car,
on the way to Extravaganza.
Zip Zip to all of our activities,
With all my negativities.
Grunt Grunt, Tug Tug on the rope, Splish Splash, oh no someone fell in.
But oh well we got that win.
Now it's the end,

Have a good weekend.

Kassidy's Extravaganza Poem

Extravaganza Poem

The car horn went off in time for the first activity.

The ball went gliding through the air hit the wickets to help us win.

Munch! Crunch!
Time for lunch.

Splash! Plop!
We race down the water slide.

On the rope now it's time for everyone to cope.

By Kassidy

My Extravaganza Poem

My Extravaganza Poem
Zoom! Zoom! we are on our way.
Splish! Splash! and Crash! down the slide.
Munch! Crunch! everyone is eating lunch!
Squeak! Squeak! went the scooters on the floor
Buzz! the last horn went time to leave.
By Okalani

SWIMMING 16/10/2017

SWIMMING 16/10/2017

Last week we went swimming, it was awesome because I hadn’t been swimming in ages.
Once we arrived we rushed inside. We had to wait for everyone, after they arrived we took off our shoes and socks and went into the appropriate changing room for us. We changed into our togs. We had to wait for everyone before we hopped in the water then we got sorted out into groups. I was with Miss Lamb. “carefully slip in, ok guys could you do freestyle” Miss Lamb kindly said as we started to swim. This basically happened the whole week. We also did breaststroke and backstroke. On Thursday the same thing happened but there was a slight switch for 10 minutes I was with someone else. I was doing different swimming skills.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Cross country

We had to make a poem about cross country and decide if you are going to put it on the blog or not.

Cross country.
Racing, fast
Running, training, speed.
It was fun because I had to challenge myself.


Cross Country Poem

On Friday we had to make a poem for cross country  

Cross Country
Racing, fast
Training, race, sprinting
It was so muddy

My Poem - Kane


Muddy, challenging
Running,run fast
Pouted fast slow speed
It was a fun day

 Cross country

Warrick Cross Country Cinquain Poem

On the 18th of August on Friday I made a cinquain poem for writing
because we did cross country two days prior on the 16th of August

Cross country
I enjoyed Cross Country

My First Cinquain

      This is some work I did on Friday
      The reason I did this is because I
      haven't tried it before

      This is my Cinquain by Tyler

  1. Running
  2. Sprint faster
  3. Run sprint drink
  4. Drink before a run
  5. Cross Country

A poem for Cross Country - Akmal

Friday morning we had to work on a poem, the lines are arranged by; Title, Adjectives, Verbs, then a 4 words personal comment. This is a very short poem by the way. We were meant to make a poem for Cross Country.

Cross Country.
Tiring, exhausting, hard.
Sprinting, running, jogging, dying, nausea, dizzy.
I don’t like it.

By Akmal.

My First Cinquain Poem About Cross Country!!


2. Puffed paced
3.Sprinting, jogging, Jumping
4. I didn’t stop once.

5. Cross Country

PEOM - by Reece

racing fast
speed, training, proud.
I felt proud when I finished
Cross County

Narrative Wirting

Swimming Disaster

One day I went To The Balclutha Pool, because it was a hot summer day.

The people I went with were my family like my sisters Jessica,  Rebecca, and my parents. I knew it would be a good day because I loved to do freestyle, but when we arrived my parents realised I forgot my togs so me and my family walked to the car to get them. but when we tried to get the car started it didn't budge so we had to call a mechanic to fix the car. The mechanic said that the engine was busted so he towed our car and took it to our car fixing shop. Because the engine didn't want to work we couldn't go home and get my togs I had to swim in my shorts. One hour later we got out of the pool and got dressed but when I got into the dressing rooms I wrapped two brown towels around my torso to keep warm and dry. After I put my shoes and socks on we waited twenty-five minutes, and the mechanic came back with our car. He said that the engine was fixed so we drove home on that hot summer day.