Thursday, May 24, 2018

Time Line - My Reading Activity


This timeline is about Elsie Locke

1930 Became the first female student from Waiuku District High School to go to university.
1933 Moved to Wellington
1935 Married Fred Freeman but left him.
1937 Their son Don was born.
1940 Elsie went to hospital for two years with spinal tuberculosis.
1941 Married Jack Locke
1950 She campaign for nuclear disarmament.
1959 published  The secret rescue.
1960  She fought against a power scheme to raise lake manapouri.
1965 published the runaway settlers that won the Much Loved award.
1970 She opposed the feeling of the native on the West Coast.
1973 She saved a township from a big hotel.
2001 published A present from pudding.

We had to construct a timeline on a story of a girl that had a little job but a big diffrence.

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