Friday, February 24, 2017

Bald Eagle

What is the Bald  Headed Eagle big tail for. Why is there a patent on the bald headed body.  How does the Bald Headed Eagle have sharp claws for.  Why does the bald headed eagle have salmon for lunch. I liked it when the eagle launched in the water and got the fish without looking at  the water. I liked watching the video and i new that I was not a good remember. I new that A female is bigger than A  male. I think that there is more than one type of Bald Headed Eagle. I like the video of the bald Headed eagle has big Talons to catch a lot of pray In the prey is salmon and other fish. The bald headed eagle comes from  North America. Bald headed eagle has more than one Enemy is it has been hunted.there heart rate is between 100-120 beats per minute. I think they have got a big voice. The beak has kind of a hook tip so it can kill their prey with their hooked beak. There it a size and the female is 35-37

And the male is 30-34 that is a big difference. Both male and female have brown black white yellow that is the colour. Talons are the feet just another word but they are sharp and big.

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