Friday, February 24, 2017

Bald Eagle Post

When I saw the eagle leave the perch then the eagle and soar through the sky and caught the salmon I was filled with excitement, I thought it was very majestic.The salmon probably
Died instantly because the talons went into its head piercing it’s head completely.
I can imagine the salmon was very frightened from the experience when it first happened.
The Bald Eagle must have been very hungry grabbing four salmon one after the other.
I am pretty sure the fish were scared of the eagle. Because their friends were eaten by the eagle must have good vision ifit can see the fish in the water, or it has good timing either way it is very impressive that the eagle caught a fish every time when he wanted to catch one for food.Like breakfeast, lunch, diner. After the bald eagle caught the fish then he brang it back to the perch . Personally I wouldn't want to mess with a bald eagle Because It’s talens are super sharp.The Bald Eagle is America's National animal a Bald Eagles wingspan is 72 to 85 inches wide, the bald eagle’s heart pumps 120 times per minute, also the top of the bald eagle's beak is used for tearing flesh off its prey the things that connect to the talons have a very rough texture to them. Bald eagles eat deer bodies and fish. Bald eagles are the top of the food chain in the area’s that they inhabit. They eat big prey more often than small probably because it's more of a meal to eat for the bald eagle. The talons are used for hunting and defense Against Prey if they fight back against the eagle.

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