Thursday, March 30, 2017

Warrick Extinct Questions

Who were the people that discovered the Dodo bird?
The Dodo Bird was discovered by Portuguese sailors, who came on ships in 1598, within a century it became extinct.

Why did people hunt the Dodo Bird for food?
Because the Dodo bird walked up to the portuguese sailors they killed it, because they were hungry from sailing on ships for a long time.
How many Great Auk’s were there before they became extinct?
Before the the Great Auk was extinct, there were millions of them living in cold climates. `

What did the Laughing Owl sound like?
The Laughing Owl sounded like the a Human laughing loudly.

When did the Great Auk go extinct?
The Great Auk went extinct in 1844 because people used its feathers to put in pillows.

Where did the Laughing Owl live in NZ?
The Laughing Owl lived in Wellington in New Zealand before it became extinct.

By Warrick Botha

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