Thursday, March 30, 2017

Extinction Questions

Who was the first people to kill the Dodo Bird and what are their names ? 
The first person to kill the dodo bird was Dutch sailors and Dutch sailors ate the bird.

What does the Dodo Bird eat? 
Dodo birds eats nuts seeds roots and the Dodo bird might  have eaten crabs.

How did the Great Auk become extinct? 
People killed the great auk and then the people took the great auk’s eggs.

How big is the Laughing Owls?  The laughing owl was found in 1914 the laughing owl is twice as size of a Morepork.

Why did the Dodo became extinct? 
The Dutch sailors kill the Dodo bird then they ate them.

Where did the dodo bird die? 
The dodo bird was killed in Mauritius.

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