Saturday, August 5, 2017

New Zealand At War By Tipene

This is my reading activity

A- Did I Understand
  1. How many people lived in NZ when we were a young country? There was 8454 people.
  2. How many horses left with NZEF? There was around 3000 horses.
  3. Who were eventually sent to the western front? The first solders from Niue and the Cook Islands were sent to the western front.
  4. How many NZ soldiers were wounded in the capture of the village of Massines? There was about 2721.
  5. When was the NZ national war memorial opened? 1982 25 of April.
  6. List all the countries where NZ soldiers served during the first world war. EGYPT , JORDEN, FRANCE, GREAT BRITAIN, NEW ZEALAND, SAMOA, MALTA, GALLIPOLI, BELGIUM, PALESTINE

B- But This Is Reading Not Maths
  1. How many years did WW1 last?  4 years.
  2. How many months are listed in the 1915 time line. 48.

D-True Or False.
  1. 855 men died in 12/10/2017. false.
  2. 20% of NZs population went to war. false.  

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