Saturday, August 5, 2017

Zoe's Reading Activity

This is my reading activity and I had a sheet of questions that I had to answer.
My book was called Underground Soldiers.

1. What was painted on the rock walls?
KIA Ora NZ with furn leaves going down on each side.
2. Who mainly built the tunnels?
Army soldiers.
3. How many men left nz in 1915?
More than 4000 men.
4. Where was no man's land?
In the middle.
5. Explain what tunnel warfare was?
The war was underground.
6. What was so dangerous about counter mining?
That it might fall on you.
7. What happened at 5.30 am on easter morning?
An explosion ripped through the air and it was freezing and there was sleet so they had to get out of the exit tunnels.
8. How did the tasks of the tunneling company change after the battle of arras?
The men worked manly above the ground and helped to hold territory captured by the allies.

Thanks for reading.

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