Saturday, August 5, 2017

Akmal - What If The Sun Disappears?

What if the sun disappears?

The sun is the main thing that gives us heat and electricity at the same time, but what would happen if the sun suddenly disappears? As you may think, the place will be very cold but we do not literally freeze instantly. In a week the surface will drop below 0°, in a year the surface will be -100° and the whole ocean will be layered with ice, the whole water aren’t fully frozen, but it will be extremely cold. What would happen to the Earth in a million years, well I think that the Earth might even turn into a Ice Giant and so does all of the other planets. The sun is what makes the Earth orbit 360° in 365 days, so if the Sun fades, then the earth will be flung to nowhere.


  1. Hi Akmal I liked how you were talking about the sun
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