Tuesday, June 27, 2017

2017 Technology Challenge

Technology Challenge
On Wednesday we did an Technology Challenge we were in 6 groups of 4. We had to make a pet house big enough to fit a toy dog in. These are the materials we got to use a glue stick, cello tape, scissors and newspaper. To do this we had Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Our Pet house had to be stable, look good, a door, shelter and big enough to fit the dog in.
In my group I had Akmal, Cooper and Mya. Our first idea was a triangle with a cube around it, But Akmal threw that out and then we decided to build a cube, But Miss Lamb said that we could fold the newspaper sticks in half so we did. On Friday morning we had to build the walls. We all enjoyed building it and we all hope that we get to do something like it again.

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