Friday, June 9, 2017

The Bald Eagle Story

The Bald Eagle zoomed across the river as it looked for its prey finally the eagle found its prey, Salmon. The Bald Eagle took the salmon carrying it with its  6 talons to its perch at a top of an old tree and dropped it into its mouth. Not long after it had its last meal the big bird flew off its perch and got some more salmon. Then, once again it glided off to its perch and sat on it perch. With one big gulp it swallowed the Salmon, but this time watched the birds soar in the blue sky. The next beautiful morning the sun was shining above the birds perch so the bald eagle set off on a soaring adventure into the nearby forest. The Bald Eagle flew across the tips of tall trees and beside the edges of small trees. Then the bird came to a lake there were fish jumping in and out of the water, after the bald eagle watched for a moment he flew with speed towards the water and caught some salmon and ate it, then the bird prepared for the way back to its perch. After its long flight back it dipped its feet in the lake near its perch and flew off onto its perch and had a big deep sleep. The next morning the bird flew off to find some food when the Bald eagle came back to its perch it was gone the big bird was shocked and then had a good idea, so the bird flew off into the distance to find another perch.

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