Friday, June 30, 2017

The Interpretation Key

Key 20
Bright flashing light in the night sky

1. Aliens
I was in my bedroom on the farm when it happened. My mum came in to say goodnight and tucked me in. I couldn't sleep that night. There was a crack in my window, I got up and checked it out. Outside the window I saw a blue flashing light in the starry night sky. Then it disappeared. I think I saw a UFO. The morning after I went out to the top of the barn. I looked out at our corn fields. I saw random patterns. Now i'm certainly sure it was aliens.

2. Planes
We just moved to our new house with mum, dad and my big sister Sophie. Every night I hear something. It sounded like something falling. Like a whistling sound but not. The next night I went to my window to see what the sound was. I saw a flashing like and moved like a plane. At breakfast I asked mum what the sound was. My mum answered saying. That was your aunty flying a big plane.

3 Ship
I was on a ship. The weather tonight is disgraceful. I go to the deck. “THERE'S A STORM COMING” the captain shouted. Everyone rushes to the ropes except me. I see everyone tugging while the waves splash over them. I hear thunder. Then in the darkness i see a big flash of light. “THERE'S THE LIGHTHOUSE, GO TOWARDS IT!”

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