Friday, June 9, 2017

The Bald Eagles - Akmal

The bald eagle was hunting it’s prey, seems it was a salmon. Yet I don’t know why eagles try hunt salmons and fishes. I never knew that was natural. I don’t think the eagles should be called Bald Eagles, they’re not even that bald! Plus, how can the eagle even see underwater? How silent can the eagle fly? If so, how approximate? My theory of the eagle’s range is estimated about at least 40 kilometers. And mostly, what does the eagle produce for nature’s life? From what I spectated from the video seems like the eagle has been hunting their foods, seems like they live to hunt, hunt to live. When I saw the video, gave me kind of a cringe, that was when the eagle spread its brutal claws and gripping it on the helpless salmon. I would be very shocked and impressed if the eagle can literally annihilate a great white shark. Eagles could be a very shocking destroyers! Imagine that! The killing spree seems quite exotic, not only exotic, but very stunning! All the efforts in the catch, imagine catching a salmon less than a minute! It won’t even be that burdensome! Plus, the swoosh on the water showed the effect on it. Very perspective from the view, and another fact; eagles, never sweat!!! The beak can pierce into any tough skin, equivalently about 5 human skin layers! The heartbeats from a eagle takes up to 100 to 120 in every per minute, I don’t even know how much my heartbeats are though. I think eagles are the only bird that can kill the most preys. Some eagles are bigger than cats! Usually cats eats bird, but I don’t think a cat can catch a eagle, WOW. All that typing made me exhausting. Let’s get back to explaining the video, I saw the eagle ease into action and finishes it like a boss! I want to see people hunt eagles! Remember the question I bestowed upon, saying that how did the eagles find the fishes? The eagles actually roam around mysteriously stalking fishes that drifts near the air, with their ranges, they know where they are! BOOM, QUESTION SOLVED!! Another thing, a bald eagle’s lift power weighs 4 pounds! The Bald Eagle was famous from North America! As, I was saying, the video showed how efficient some birds can be, how stealth, how productive, how talented, mostly how expertise. But how expertise are these eagles? With the stats they can be a special predator! That’s what I ponder about their features. Picture that though, they would be proper pros!

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